UK Best Practice SBA Masterclass: Recording of Lectures and Textbook Posted

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This ticket bundle is ideal for students who are unable to make one of our live Finals Masterclass weekends.

The SBA Masterclass is designed for finalists preparing for written exams and perfectly complements our original finals course: OSCE Masterclass. Focusing on UK best practices (NICE, BTS, Up-To-Date) we have broken down 60 clinical guidelines into easy-to-follow flow diagrams and revision friendly packets of information. 

Every page in the accompanying textbook is dedicated to making sure you understand the clinical guideline and any related single best answer questions likely to come up during your written exam (check out this textbook sample). Furthermore, each guideline is paired with a Single Best Answer question, allowing you to test your new knowledge and confirm understanding of current UK best practices. 

This is a fantastic way to cover 60 of the most important topics in general medicine and surgery, building confidence before sitting finals and more importantly ensuring you are up-to-date prior to starting your foundation years. 

Each ticket bundle includes access to:

  1. Over 15 hours of online lectures, explaining each clinical guideline and SBA question in detail 
  2. An ’incredible’ 70-page textbook posted directly to your door. 

Please allow for up to 5-7 working days for the textbook to arrive. Access to online lectures and questions lasts for 1 year.

Happy revising and stay safe!

Check out what best practice guidelines we will be covering.

Sample the keynote slides

Sample Textbook


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  • Price: £40.00
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