One 2 One Medicine is about helping you succeed. We want you to do the best you possibly can do.


Our lecturers provide some of the best teaching, advice and guidance available. However, this is just the start of your revision, passing your exams is a team effort and requires a lot of hard work from your end too.
Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that by attending a One 2 One Medicine course you will pass your medical school exams, as nice as that would be.

Cancellation policy.

If you can’t make the course you have booked, we can offer you 4 options:

1. Transfer you on to another of the same category of course, free of charge.
2. Cancel your place and post you the handout. As all the lectures are online you can watch them in your own time (this would be the same as paying for the online resource bundle).
3. If your cancellation is made within 48 hours from your booking we will cancel your place on the course and refund you the course fee minus a £10 admin charge.
4. If your cancellation is made after 48 hours from the booking we can cancel your place on the course and refund you 50% of your payment. You still have access to the online content so can revise in your own time.
The small caveat to the above is if the course you are attending has sold out when you request to cancel your space. If that’s the case, we’ll need someone else to fill your place before processing any refunds. If you know someone – great! Just let us know their name & email. Alternatively, we can put your ticket back online and let you know when it sells.

As soon as your booking is made you will have access to the hundreds of online questions and hours of online lectures, and so if more than 48 hours have elapsed since booking we will not fully refund your payment.

Credit card security.

All online credit card transactions are processed using secure encryption services. We do not receive or store any credit card details from these transactions.

Revision Material.

All apps and revision materials have been written by doctors and medical students. However, they are not designed to make a diagnosis and do not substitute professional clinical practice. Neither the authors nor One 2 One Medicine Limited affirm accuracy or accept responsibility and in no circumstance shall be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damages that occur as a result of using the revision material or apps.