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Clinical Cases Masterclass

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May 4 - May 5
Belfast LT1, MBC, 97 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7AE
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This course has been organised in partnership with SCRUBS Medsoc for 3rd and 4th years at QUB, however, students from other universities are also very welcome to attend.

Quite unlike any other revision course, Clinical Cases is crafted from 25 patient scenarios that integrate together the entire MBBS/MBChB medical and surgical curriculum. It is ideal for 3rd-4th year medics.
The cases and teaching act as a bridge that link together the thousands of facts you have accumulated through your first years of clinical school. This course does not regurgitate lists and is the opposite of ‘death by powerpoint’. Instead, both days are dynamic and interactive. We will teach you by connecting clinical information, thus replicating the thought process of your examiner and more importantly of a junior doctor seeing real patients.

In addition to the 200-page colour textbook, for a full 6 months, you can re-watch all the lectures, consolidate your learning with 500 Single Best Answer questions & 100 ECG questions online.
By the end of the weekend, no matter what clinical year you are in, we guarantee that you will walk out feeling far more prepared and confident in passing your first written and OSCE exams.


Hamish Bain

Hamish is a Junior doctor currently working at Wigan Hospital. He trained at Manchester graduating with Honours and obtained prizes for finishing within the top 5 of the year in pre-clinical exams. He has a special interest in Neurology and completed a Pathology BSc at Manchester in which he published work about the role of autophagosomes and lysosomes in FTLD.

Alongside his interest in research, he is passionate and enthusiastic about teaching and has been involved in several local teaching projects in his DGH and the University Including delivering several lectures for the UoM clinical neurology and gastroenterology societies

Benefits of this course

  • Rewind and Re-watch

    All our lectures are recorded and available to watch again online

  • Consolidate Knowledge

    Your ticket includes access to 600 exam practice questions online

  • 200 Page Textbook

    Digestible and revision friendly colour textbook to guide your revision.

  • Brilliant!

    Amazing coverage of topics in an engaging way.

    5th Year
  • Overall it was great!

    Handouts are great quality and a lot of effort has been put into making this course what it is. Worth every single penny paid!

    2nd year at Warwick
  • Kept us engaged the whole time.

    Thank you for your incredible knowledge and explanations. Very very useful and interesting cases which were really well explained with great handouts!

    3rd year at Cardiff
  • Excellent content and great presentations!

    Very interactive and very approachable lecturer. The case by case approach is an excellent teaching style.

    3rd year at Cardiff
  • Loved the lectures and books.

    Really enjoyed working through cases and that they covered several conditions in each (plus the differentials!) Thank you! Some of the best teaching I've had at medical school!

    3rd year at Keele
  • Would definitely recommend to a friend!

    Really enjoyed this course, despite being very intense the lecturer did a great job of making it fun and interactive. I greatly appreciated that the cases were more challenging and didn't just cover the "basic" presentations, but a lot of finer points likely to come up in MCQs!

    5th year at Birmingham
  • Thoroughly enjoyable and a great primer to further revision.

    Approach using cases to narrate a story of disease and clinical medicine was far more memorable and engaging than any other lecture approach I've come across before. A massive thank you!

    3rd year at Manchester
  • Excellent course!

    I think the timing and number of cases was great and the content was easy to understand, follow and remember. Really made us think about differentials and brought loads of different areas of medicine together in every case.

    3rd year St Georges
  • It boosted my confidence!

    I was dreading the weekend as I went in tired, stressed, and worried it would make me feel more overwhelmed. Quite the opposite happened. The teaching was superb and the exam tips especially useful. It helped clarify what I do and do not understand and boosted my confidence.

    2nd year at Swansea
  • I feel much more confident for exams

    The cases are really interesting and engaging. Great teaching: clear, thorough, knowledgeable and personable.

    Ying Ran
    3rd year Liverpool

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