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Clinical Cases Masterclass 2023

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March 25 - March 26
Online This masterclass is delivered as a series of live and interactive Zoom lectures
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Course details

The Clinical Cases Masterclass, run in partnership with 13 medsocs, is an exam-focused summary of the main specialities covered in the first clinical year of medical school (3rd or 4th year).

Clinical Cases Masterclass is delivered as a series of live and interactive online Zoom lectures, allowing you to continue to learn and prepare for exams from the comfort of your own home.

This Masterclass covers 25 patient cases that integrate together the entire MBBS/MBChB medical and surgical curriculum. The cases and teaching act as a bridge that link together the thousands of facts you have accumulated through your first year of clinical school. We believe learning by connecting clinical information together is far more effective than an attempting to memorise lists.

As well as on-the-day live zoom teaching, your ticket bundle includes instant online access (for a full year) to:

  • 10 hours of online tutorials
  • 500 Single Best Answer questions, linked to the topics covered.
  • 100 ECG Single Best Answer questions.
  • Our ‘incredible’ 200-page textbook posted directly to you

Remember, book as a group of 5 to save £10 each, and if you study at one of our 13 partnered medsocs, 5% from your ticket will go directly to support your Medsoc. Happy revising!


Dr Laura White

Laura is a Medical Trainee currently working in the North West of England. She graduated from University College London with multiple prizes. She intercalated in genetics for which she achieved first class honours, alongside the Harold and Olga Fox Prize for her overall mark in genetics. She is currently pursuing a career in academic respiratory medicine. Since graduating she has been awarded “Best Foundation Doctor”, the "Student Led Teaching Award" by the University of Manchester for her commitment to education alongside her clinical work and a national prize for her mark in MRCP PACES.

Benefits of this course

  • 10h of online tutorials

    Instant access which lasts for 1 year. Rewind and re-watch as much as you want

  • 600 Exam SBAs

    Consolidate your knowledge with hundreds of questions online

  • 200 Page Textbook

    Digestible and revision friendly textbook posted directly to you

  • Thoroughly enjoyable and a great primer to further revision.

    Approach using cases to narrate a story of disease and clinical medicine was far more memorable and engaging than any other lecture approach I've come across before. A massive thank you!

    3rd year at Manchester
  • What a brilliant weekend!

    Well worth the money, it was a great revision aid. It definitely made me feel a lot more confident for my exams. Jake was a fantastic teacher and kept me interested for the whole weekend!

    3rd year at KCL
  • I feel much more confident for exams

    The cases are really interesting and engaging. Great teaching: clear, thorough, knowledgeable and personable.

    Ying Ran
    3rd year Liverpool
  • Overall it was great!

    Handouts are great quality and a lot of effort has been put into making this course what it is. Worth every single penny paid!

    2nd year at Warwick
  • It boosted my confidence!

    I was dreading the weekend as I went in tired, stressed, and worried it would make me feel more overwhelmed. Quite the opposite happened. The teaching was superb and the exam tips especially useful. It helped clarify what I do and do not understand and boosted my confidence.

    2nd year at Swansea
  • Excellent course!

    I think the timing and number of cases was great and the content was easy to understand, follow and remember. Really made us think about differentials and brought loads of different areas of medicine together in every case.

    3rd year St Georges
  • The teaching style and materials were excellent.

    I loved the case based formats and the integration of topics. A great way to pull together my revision before finals.

    Finalist at Liverpool
  • An amazing course and amazing teaching.

    You can tell Dr Mann is extremely knowledgable as he explains everything thoroughly. Very interactive and not once in the two days did I feel bored even though so much content was covered.

    Finalist at Manchester
  • Brilliant!

    Amazing coverage of topics in an engaging way.

    3rd Year at Birmingham
  • Loved the lectures and books.

    Really enjoyed working through cases and that they covered several conditions in each (plus the differentials!) Thank you! Some of the best teaching I've had at medical school!

    3rd year at Keele
  • Excellent content and great presentations!

    Very interactive and very approachable lecturer. The case by case approach is an excellent teaching style.

    3rd year at Cardiff
  • Kept us engaged the whole time.

    Thank you for your incredible knowledge and explanations. Very very useful and interesting cases which were really well explained with great handouts!

    3rd year at Cardiff

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