Finals Masterclass: OSCE & SBAs, March 2022

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March 12, 2022 - March 13, 2022
Online This masterclass is delivered as a series of live and interactive Zoom lectures
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Over the 2-day Finals Masterclass, we aim to give you the precise practical and theoretical knowledge that will push you beyond a pass and towards a distinction.

Day 1: OSCE Masterclass

We review 36 medical and surgical OSCE stations sequentially, discussing the three most likely diagnoses followed by the three trickiest. By exploring the differentiating findings from each examination, you will understand how to make a diagnosis rapidly. We conclude each case with the ‘PACES’ facts that the examiner wants to hear when you present.

Day 2: UK Best Practice SBAQ Masterclass

Focusing on UK best practices (NICE, BTS, Up-To-Date) we have broken down 60 clinical guidelines into easy-to-follow flow diagrams and revision-friendly packets of information. Each guideline is paired with a Single Best Answer question, allowing you to test your new knowledge and confirm understanding of current UK best practices.

The 2 days Finals Masterclass is a fantastic way to revise 36 OSCEs and 60 of the most important topics in general medicine and surgery, building confidence before sitting finals and more importantly ensuring you are up-to-date prior to starting your foundation years.

As well as a weekend of live zoom teaching, your ticket bundle includes online access (for a full year) to:

  • Over 20 hours of video tutorials.
  • 1000 Single Best Answer questions online.
  • 100 ECG Single Best Answer questions online.
  • Our ‘incredible’ 110-page colour OSCE textbook and the 70-page SBA textbook are posted directly to your door.

Remember to book as a group of 5 to save 20% each, and if you study at one of our 13 partnered medsocs, 5% from your ticket will go directly to your Medsoc. Happy revising, and stay safe!


Dr Laura White

Laura is a Medical Trainee currently working in Manchester. She graduated from University College London with multiple prizes and merits achieved throughout medical school. She intercalated in genetics for which she achieved first class honours, alongside the Harold and Olga Fox Prize for her overall mark in genetics. She is hoping to pursue a career in academic respiratory medicine. Since graduating she has been awarded “Best Foundation Doctor”, the "Student Led Teaching Award" by the University of Manchester for her commitment to education alongside her clinical work and a national prize for her mark in MRCP PACES.

Benefits of this course

  • 20h of online tutorials

    Instant access which lasts for 1 year. Rewind and re-watch as much as you want

  • 1100 Exam SBAs

    Consolidate your knowledge with hundreds of questions online

  • 110 and 70-page Textbooks

    Digestible and revision friendly colour textbook posted directly to you

  • Spectacular!

    Spectacular revision course, the best one I have seen in 6 years of med school. Really clear structure and format, very conducive to our learning. Thank you

    Finalist at Nottingham
  • The textbooks are excellent!

    I've been wondering why someone hasn't made a textbook like this before! I'm a huge fan, cannot wait to use it arduously during finals prep over the next 3 months. thank you so much for making it and organising this course, definitely worth the money and time.

    Finalist at Birmingham
  • Superb.

    Finally a course that teaches how to approach finals level OSCE’s.

    Finalist at Manchester
  • Systematic and relevant.

    The course focuses on how to get a distinction rather than just passing.

    Finalist at Manchester
  • Great course, great team.

    I love the fact that there are interactive questions and live answering on Zoom chat. You have done a great job - thank you so so much!

    Finalist at QUB
  • Summaries of the most recent guidelines are super clear

    No improvements are needed! Fantastic course and I would recommend it to every medical student!

    Finalist at QUB
  • Amazing! So helpful and succinct

    If you remember all the tips, tricks and nuggets of information from the masterclass, you’ll be set for your Finals. Skilfully squeezed an enormous number of presentations into the given cases. The lecturers were very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely worth it!

    Finalist at Cardiff
  • Really good.

    Not just a regurgitation of McCloud's or Essential Examination with some great tips for how to look slick in the OSCE.

    Finalist at Edinburgh
  • The textbook is excellent

    I love the NICE guideline diagrams and how you break down the key information - this is exactly how my brain works!

    Finalist at Aberdeen
  • Amazing.

    The only good thing to come out of this year.

    Finalist at Edinburgh
  • Excellent and well organised.

    Highly applicable to what I expect will come up in finals.

    Finalists at Edinburgh
  • Excellent course.

    Much better than other courses I have attended. Most of us have the knowledge, and need more advice on how to express this in a structural manner which was provided in this course.

    Finalist at Manchester

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  • Day 1: OSCE Masterclass, 12 Mar 2022

    As well as 1 day of live zoom teaching, this ticket gives you 1-year of access to 5.5h of online tutorials. We'll post you the 110-page OSCE textbook & donate 5% to your Medsoc.
    (50 places remaining.)
    Price (per person): £35.00
  • Day 1+2: OSCE and SBA Masterclass, 12+13 Mar 2022

    As well as 2 days of live zoom teaching, this ticket gives you 1-year of access to 20h of online tutorials & 1100 SBA questions. We'll post you both the 110-page OSCE and 70-Page UK Best Practice SBA textbook & donate 5% to your Medsoc. Save £10 each by booking as a group of 5.
    (150 places remaining.)
    Price (per person): £50.00