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OSCE Master Class

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February 19
London, Imperial Lecture Theatre 341, Huxley Building, South Kensington Campus, London, UK SW7 2AZ
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OSCE Master Class has been created specifically for medical and surgical finalists. Our aim is to complement your learning, develop your confidence and give you the specific knowledge that will push you beyond a pass and towards a distinction.

We discuss the most common and unusual Finals MB diagnoses for each medical and surgical exam in turn. Then use clinical cases to explore the differentiating findings from each examination. Finally, we follow each case with ‘PACES’ facts and examples that will help you present your findings logically to an examiner.

For example, now that you have seen the renal transplant scar we will discuss how to spot the indicators of each immunosuppressive drug and how to present the complications of renal transplants.

This is a new course for the 2016/17 academic year, built on the success and positive feedback from our Pre-Clinical and Clinical Cases courses. As with all our courses users get access to the lectures as videos and over 1500 exam level practice questions online.


Dr. Jake Mann

Jake Mann is a young doctor with an outstanding academic profile, extensive teaching experience and involvement in research. Jake graduated from Birmingham medical school top of his cohort, with 8 distinctions and 14 prizes. The Vice-Chancellor's Award was given to Jake Mann in 2012; it is the highest award at the University and illustrates scholarship, personality and leadership. He is currently completing an academic clinical run through in paediatrics in Cambridge and is a physiology supervisor at the University of Cambridge.

Benefits of this course

  • Rewind and Re-watch

    All our lectures are recorded and available to watch again online

  • Consolidate Knowledge

    1500 exam level practice questions online

  • Revise Strategically

    Learning through cases reinforces clinical understanding

  • Amazing.

    The only good thing to come out of 2016.

    Finalist at Edinburgh
  • Superb.

    Finally a course that teaches how to approach finals level OSCE’s.

    Finalist at Manchester
  • Excellent and well organised.

    Highly applicable to what I expect will come up in finals.

    Finalists at Edinburgh
  • Systematic and relevant.

    The course focuses on how to get a distinction rather than just passing.

    Finalist at Manchester
  • Really good.

    Not just a regurgitation of McCloud's or Essential Examination with some great tips for how to look slick in the OSCE.

    Finalist at Edinburgh
  • Excellent course.

    Much better than other courses I have attended. Most of us have the knowledge, and need more advice on how to express this in a structural manner which was provided in this course.

    Finalist at Manchester
  • I’m really pleased I went.

    Simple to ways to arrive at differentials early in examination. Excellent!

    Finalist at Edinburgh
  • Very helpful.

    Simplified approach and flow diagrams for each condition that can realistically come up.

    Finalist at Edinburgh
  • Handouts are excellent!

    Comprehensively covered common conditions in all medical and surgical specialities.

    Finalist at Manchester
  • Very professional.

    Excellent tutor, really clear structure with brilliant booklet. It’s an important to note that the focus is on getting high marks rather than the basics just to pass.

    Finalist at Edinburgh
  • Excellent.

    Very much enjoyed it, covered areas in a lot of detail, would definitely recommend to friends!

    Finalist at Manchester

Sample handout and slides

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