Pre Clinical Masterclass 2023

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April 29 - April 30
Online This masterclass is delivered as a series of live and interactive Zoom lectures
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Run in partnership with 13 medsocs, the Pre-Clinical Masterclass is an exam-focused summary of the 1st & 2nd years of medical school.

This year Pre-Clinical Masterclass will be delivered as a series of live and interactive online lectures, allowing you to learn and prepare for exams from the comfort of your own home.

Pre-Clinical exams are often considered the most challenging at medical school. We understand the stress associated with revision. Our aim is to support you by providing the most thorough learning package available to students. This 2-day Masterclass is split into 12 modules: Cells & Genetics, Pharmacology, Neuromuscular, Respiratory, Endocrine, Digestive, Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular, Renal, Immunology and Reproduction. Each module is packed with essential knowledge and exam-focused facts.

As well as on-the-day live and interactive Zoom teaching, your ticket bundle includes online access (for a full year) to:

  • 26 hours of online tutorials, rewind and re-watch as many times as you like
  • 500 Single Best Answer questions, linked to the topics covered.
  • Our ‘incredible’ 260-page textbook is posted directly to you. Often described as a ‘medical bible’ many students tell us how they have held onto the textbook as a reference guide for the rest of medical school.

Remember, book as a group of 5 to save 20% each, and if you study at one of our 13 partnered medsocs, 5% from your ticket will go directly to your Medsoc. Happy revising, and stay safe!


Dr Laura White

Laura is a Medical Trainee currently working in the North West of England. She graduated from University College London with multiple prizes. She intercalated in genetics for which she achieved first class honours, alongside the Harold and Olga Fox Prize for her overall mark in genetics. She is currently pursuing a career in academic respiratory medicine. Since graduating she has been awarded “Best Foundation Doctor”, the "Student Led Teaching Award" by the University of Manchester for her commitment to education alongside her clinical work and a national prize for her mark in MRCP PACES.

Benefits of this course

  • 26h of online tutorials

    Instant access which lasts for 1 year. Rewind and re-watch as much as you want

  • 500 Exam SBAs

    Consolidate your knowledge with hundreds of questions online

  • 260 Page Textbook

    Digestible and revision friendly textbook posted directly to you

  • Exceeded all expectations.

    The course was really well taught and the handouts are absolutely incredible. It definitely exceeded all expectations.

    1st year at UCL
  • More valuable than our own University teaching

    So basically, everyone who attended says your Pre Clinical Masterclass course is more valuable than everything they learn over the first 2 years of University.

    2nd Year UCLAN
  • Outstanding!

    Very good preparation for exams, highlighting key things you need to know. Excellent schematic diagrams and flow charts to revise from in the handouts. 1st class teaching.

    1st year at Warwick
  • I'm so glad I attended

    I loved the course, really helpful and pitched at the right level. With all the online content, it is definitely money well spent.

    2nd year at Keele
  • Thanks for all the hard work that goes into putting a course like this together.

    Lecturer was engaging and enthusiastic. He managed to keep my concentration throughout the day and explained difficult topics simply making it easy for me to understand.

    2nd year at Cardiff
  • Great kick start to my revision!

    I really enjoyed it, it has set out my revision plan and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

    1st year at Birmingham
  • Excellent course!

    All the subjects are covered in one weekend allowing you to see the lines between topics much clearer. Great start to my revision and I would definitely recommend it.

    3rd year at Norwich
  • I'm ready for my exam.

    I've learnt more in the past 48 hours than 2 years of medical school!

    2nd year at Manchester
  • Brilliant Revision Course!

    Absolutely brilliant weekend and 100% worth every penny. The lecturer was so informative and the hand outs are like a medicine bible! Highly highly recommend!

    1st year at Cardiff
  • All the things I didn't quite understand before I understand now!

    The handouts are fantastic, I can see them being a great learning resource in the future. It was really useful to have the core topics talked over again by a lecturer.

    1st year at SGUL
  • Thank you for the amazing teaching!

    Thought it was incredibly well taught and a large amount was covered in good detail in one day. Very worthwhile will definitely recommend to anyone.

    2nd year at Birmingham

Sample handout and slides

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  • Pre-Clinical Masterclass Live Weekend: 29-30th April 2023

    As well as 2 days of live and interactive Zoom teaching, this ticket also gives you 1-year of access to 26h of online tutorials & 500 SBA questions. We'll post you the 260-page textbook & donate 5% to your Medsoc. Book as a group of 5 or more to save £10 each.
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