Pre-Clinical Masterclass: Online Lectures, 500 SBAs & Textbook posted

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The Pre-Clinical Masterclass is an exam-focused summary of 1st & 2nd-year of medical school.

This Masterclass covers 12 core topics in fantastic detail, with dedicated tutorials, exam level single best answer questions and short answer questions (with video answers). Download the timetable (link below) for a full breakdown of the topics covered.

This year, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, our team of lecturers and want to ensure that you have the best and safest possible revision. This is why we have decided to move the Pre-Clinical Masterclass teaching entirely online!

Your ticket bundle includes instant access to:

  • 26 hours of online tutorials recorded by Dr Jake Mann, our Pre-Clinical Guru.
  • 500 Single Best Answer questions. Consolidate your knowledge and test yourself from home.
  • Our ‘incredible’ 260-page colour textbook is posted directly to your door. Often described as a ‘medical bible’ this accompanies the lecture series and many students tell us how they have held onto it as a reference guide for the rest of medical school. Check out the sample in the link below…

What’s more, we’ve dropped the price from £45 to £29. Happy revising, and stay safe!

Please allow for up to 5-7 working days for the textbook to arrive. We post the handout to your billing address, alternatively please select “Post to a different address” on the payment page to enter different details. Access to online content lasts for 1 year from the day of booking.

A full breakdown of topics covered:

Sample from the 260-page Textbook:

Sample of the slides from the online video tutorials:

Sample videos from our online tutorial on immunology and from the Short Answer Question on the anatomy of the lesser omentum:

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  • Price: £29.00
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